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The Salt Skip Program

By joining QHA - you'll automatically be provided with access to valuable Salt Skip information and resources to help reduce your daily dietary intake of sodium - an aid in lowering blood pressure.

Anyone choosing to reduce their daily dietary intake of salt - should first, importantly, check with their GP or consulting doctor or specialist and follow their advice.

Shopping need not be such a chore when skipping the salt - find out what to eat and where to buy products from stockists.

It is not easy to maintain a diet low in sodium and you will need help and support to implement this important lifestyle change but the benefits will far outweigh the effort of finding "salt skip" food and products.

The Salt Skip Program, pioneered by salt skip activist and author, the Late Dr Trevor Beard OBE, will provide all the help you need. By joining the QHA, you will receive access to "Salt Matters", a very valuable and practical guide to help reduce sodium intake, written by Dr Beard.

In addition, the bi-monthly Salt Skip News, published alongside The QHA BP Monitor, provides helpful information on monitoring dietary salt, the latest in medical treatments in managing hypertension, lifestyle tips, where to buy no added salt (NAS) or low sodium food products and practical recipes to cook at home.

The Salt Skip News newsletter and the many publications we have access to make it easier to:

  • prevent or reduce high blood pressure;

  • help your Doctor in the treatment of high blood pressure, and

  • help your Doctor to treat the many other health problems, such as Meniere's Syndrome, that are aggravated by a high salt intake.

By joining the QHA you will automatically become enrolled in the Salt Skip Progam at no extra cost. This will entitle you to receive Salt Skip News, access to the Salt Matters book and to The Key To Avoiding Salt booklet and the professional handbook, Salt in Medical Practice.

Low Sodium Fruit and Vegetables