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QHA Membership (Overseas)

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  • A key role of the QHA is to provide “education in self-management” for high blood pressure. Services offered by the QHA do not interfere with anti-hypertensive treatment and advice provided by the patient’s own GP or treating doctor. In fact, these services complement and assist them.

    Other services available:

    • QHA Membership entitlements include the bi-monthly newsletter BP Monitor and Salt Skip News, sent by email to overseas members. The newsleter includes tips and advice on improved lifestyle modifications, exercise and relaxation programs, self-measurement of BP, weight reduction, cholesterol-lowering diets and alcohol and smoking control; It also includes details of QHA Member Meetings and transcriptions of medical presentations relavent to reducing blood pressure and related research for other chronic and hypertensive conditions.
    • Digital access to the Salt Skip Program with advice on the avoidance of dietary salt, including low-sodium recipes and foods, important in lifestyle prevention and tips to control high blood pressure; and
    • Educational materials and website articles and blogs containing information on hypertension and lifestyle management.

    Education and awareness:

    The QHA also provides information to patients, health professionals and the general public through:

    • Appearance at health promotional events, including representation at international conferences and forums,
    • Promotion via the QHA website and social media platforms of LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter; and
    • Regular educational meetings, held throughout the year in Brisbane, Australia with a different and insightful educational topic covered at each meeting. Meeting transcriptions are available for overseas members in the digital newsletter, BP Monitor and Salt Skip News.

    Coming soon!

    • The sale and maintenance and accuracy check of inexpensive “aneroid” or fully automated home blood pressure machines (regular or large-sized cuffs will be available), and instructions by trained personnel in their correct use;

    Become a QHA member and join the fight against high blood pressure.